Oct 22, 2014

Covered Bridges in New England


New England is famous for its covered bridges and they make for excellent photography subjects. Some are easy to photograph while others are more challenging. The easiest are the ones in a scenic, non-obstructive environment setting, the hardest ones are in a more urban, difficult to isolate environment. Especially autumn makes for great New England Covered Bridge photography as the backdrop is often submerged in abundant fall colors. Join me on this virtual road trip:







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Oct 20, 2014

Autumn in Boston


Boston is a great destination for tourists and photographers alike. The largest city north of New York City on the East coast of the United States of America offers so many sites to explore and there is really no best time to visit. New England is famous for its abundant fall foliage season and autumn with its vibrant colors is one of my most favorite times of the year. I look forward to it year-round and it is way to short. Autumn in Boston is particular special as the historic sites and city skyline is submerged into a carpet of colorful and plentiful colors of fall. Hope you had the chance to experience fall foliage in Boston and New England at some point or you have plans to do so - I am sure its worth a visit!









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New Photography Artwork - Summer & Autumn


It has been a very busy summer and now fall foliage season that resulted in a ton of new photography artwork releases - hope you find the time to take a look & share with your friends:

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Oct 19, 2014

Better Photography Tip 15 of 15

Photo Tip #15: Forget almost all of the above and try Intentional Camera Movement.


ICM can be lots of fun and very rewarding.


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Better Photography Tip 14 of 15

Photo Tip #14: Save on the camera body and instead invest the savings in a higher quality lens and/or tripod.


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Oct 18, 2014

Better Photography Tip 13 of 15

Photo Tip #13: Sharpen your photo image during digital post processing to achieve appropriate sharpness in your pictures.


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Better Photography Tip 12 of 15

Photo Tip #12: Check your photo pictures on the camera screen using the magnifying feature. If sharpness and photography image quality is unsatisfying, keep shooting to ensure you get the sharp, high quality photography picture you aim for.

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Oct 17, 2014

Better Photography Tip 11 of 15

Photo Tip #11: Use your camera self timer in combination with Live View or mirror lock up to minimize camera shake when releasing the shutter.

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Better Photography Tip 10 of 15

Photo Tip #10: Use manual focus and the magnifying camera feature to precisely pin your focus point and apply the correct exposure settings to achieve your artistic photographic goals. 


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Oct 16, 2014

Better Photography Tip 9 of 15

Photo Tip #9: Understand Exposure and how aperture, shutter speed, lens magnification, and ISO come together and how these photographic camera and lens controls may interfere or enhance taking razor sharp photos.


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